“One of the impressive aspects of Todd’s writing is how he can detach himself from his roots and act as a social observer…. these thought provoking songs get their message across but also manage to entertain too.
John Brindle – Maverick Magazine



“Simon Todd, who started off proceedings, has a strong voice with a slight vibrato and at times sounded a little like Gordon Lightfoot.
His songs were personal, melancholic, and sometimes quite dark.
‘I Think I Was Misled’ was lovely, and the emotionally charged ‘Demons’ was extremely moving.”

Bristol Evening Post



The son of a pianist and arranger, Simon wrote and performed songs from an early age.

Gifted with a powerful voice and a considerable range, he has, over the years, honed his song-writing into a craft, placing equal importance on lyrics, melody and chord structure.

In June 2008, Simon spent a week in Crete with Nashville recording artist and producer, Kevin Montgomery, at ‘Songs In The Sun’. Also in attendance were ex Brooks and Dunn drummer Dale Dorman, and the legendary Tommy Allsup – one-time Buddy Holly, and Bob Wills Texas Playboys guitarist; the man who flipped the coin with Ritchie Valens for a seat on the plane that took Valens, Buddy and The Big Bopper from us on “The day the music died”.

“Sitting by the pool in such a beautiful location”, said Simon; “singing ‘True Love Ways’, whilst being accompanied by Buddy Holly’s guitarist, is something that will stay with me forever”.


The experience inspired Todd, who returned home to attack his work with a renewed vigor, ultimately resulting in his debut solo CD release ‘Contracts For The Sale Of Land’ in 2009.

Whilst predominantly writing on his own, there have been collaborations with the likes of Karine Polwart, Findlay Napier, Ali Ingle, Tom Bem, Rosie Bell, Dave Fenley, Kellys Collins, and Pete Sallis.

In addition, Simon has also been involved with song-writing retreats organised by the likes as Squeeze’s Chris Difford, and has rubbed shoulders with such luminaries as Boo Hewerdine, Darden Smith, and Duke Special. He has performed on both sides of the Atlantic (UK-wide, Texas & Nashville).

Previously a regular contributor at the once annual “Heroes & Scarecrows”, Alan Hull (Lindisfarne) celebration night, he toured the UK in 2012 with multi-award winning Texan singer-songwriter, Dave Fenley.

Simon’s songs are guaranteed to get your foot tapping, your mind thinking, or your ears wondering why they haven’t heard him before, and how soon they can do so again.

The debut solo CD, ‘Contracts For The Sale Of Land’ is now available from the music page, with work now commencing on a new album.